Laidley Clubhouse and Grandstand

Laidley Clubhouse and Grandstand

Completion Date:  February 10 2015

Client:  Lockyer Valley Regional Council

Awards:  QLD Master Builders 2015 State Housing & Construction Award – Sporting Facilities up to $55 million

The Laidley  Sports Complex, includes a 200 seat Grandstand and Clubhouse, including an expansive Multifunction Room, Kitchen, Canteens, Bar and, Club Rooms, and Toilets.

The new sports facility  integrates old with the new, with smart appearance, durability and flexibility for multiple uses.  The project began with demolition of an existing timber grandstand circa 1930. Selected ironbark timbers were carefully removed for reuse in the new building, and also to provide to the Laidley Pioneer Village for its construction of a replica.

The new Complex is constructed with a floor height above design flood levels.The entrance is constructed from the dressed timbers from the old grandstand, providing a visually striking and clever link between the old and the new.

The front doors open to an expansive multifunction room, across which is a wide bar area surrounded by Spanish feature tiles. Above is a raked hoop pine ceiling and five evenly spaced pendant lights that softly illuminate the overhead space.

Behind the scenes is a fully equipped commercial Kitchen and Cold Room. The Bar also has a cold room, along with integrated beer dispensers and ample washing and storage facilities. Two well equipped Canteens open outward to the grandstand landing behind; each having a service capacity of up to four staff depending on demand.

Male, Female and PWD facilities are finished with rectified white wall tiles, providing a clean peripheral view to the mosaic-featured basin areas. Neat partitioning and vinyl flooring provide a clean finish.

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