The Tower Revitalisation

The Tower, Port Moresby


Superintendent: Beacon Consulting

Architect: Beacon Consulting

Northbuild Project Manager: Jos Dela Cruz

Site Manager: Mick Hare

Site Foreman: Sammy Annono

The Tower (Old Deloitte Tower) Revitalisation project is being undertaken for NASFUND. The work involves the demolition and refurbishment of common area lift lobby finishes and services as well as the complete demolition and refurbishment of the common toilets from Level 1 – Level 14.

We have recently commenced working a night shift to minimise the impact we are having on the occupants. Whilst this has assisted with progress on site it has proved challenging to overcome staff logistical issues.

The project is 80% complete with the only works remaining to be undertaken on Level 1 and 2. The Project is valued at nearly PGK 8 Million and is due for completion on the original Contract Date in August 2018.

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