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Kouderika Elementary & Primary School Graduation

On the 11th December 2019, Inia and his wife Sharon attended the Kouderika Elementary and Primary School Graduation and Academic Excellence Awards on behalf of Northbuild Construction. Sharon was a board member on various educational establishments from primary through to tertiary in New Zealand. It was a humbling experience for her to present awards at this grass roots level school.

Northbuild donated a gift voucher of PGK500 for the Grade 8 Senior dux and nine vouchers of PGK100 for the top student of the two elementary grades and Primary Grades 1 to 7.

The programme was supposed to start at 0700 with presentations at 1040. The MC said they were running to PNG time. Speeches did not begin until 1200 which were limited to 5 minutes per person but each speaker had a lot more to say than that. The children sat patiently and quietly through the high level educational adult-speak.

The Head Mistress, Joyce, mentioned Northbuild’s generous vouchers often along with lots of requests from the companies present for assistance towards improving the school facilities.

The presentations followed the speeches. Each grade received lots of awards and thankfully they were spread amongst the several guests including Inia and Sharon.

It was a long but enjoyable day and thank goodness for the sea breeze. Lots of parents attended. The songs and dances were joyful and the exuberance of the students was a credit to the teachers and school board. The hospitality was fantastic with a delicious meal afterwards.

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