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New to the competition, the Northbuild Hammers netball club had a blissful start to the competition in round one and two, placing themselves comfortably on the progressive ladder in round one at second place and in round two dropping to third place due to some minor setbacks.

The team played a very competitive match in Division thirteen (13) against the other teams in the likes of; Hastings Deering, Innovative Agro Industry, Inchcape Shipping, Helifix, and Pentagon Logistics.

The Hammers succeeded to make it into the knockouts, however, unfortunately shied out to make it to the semi-finals.

The hammer laddies would like to thank the company for taking this step in supporting the female employees, female spouses and female dependants in this social events such as sports.

“It’s very good that the company has set up social events as such to bring the employees and their families involved – builds a strong relationship” Ikimairi (HR Officer)

“We were very excited with new netball uniforms” Abigail (Logistics Officer)
Having players with nil netball background and as first timers to the PCNC scene, the Northies were determined to make a comeback in the coming season with a much more refined and stronger team

Northbuild Hammers - Corporate Netball
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