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Tougagubill Hill Apartments Update

Touagubahill Project due for completion Oct 2016

Client:  Numbawan Super Ltd
Superintendent:  Beacon Consultants
Architects:  ETS Group

Key Northbuild Staff

Site Managers:  Ashley Trollope and Matt Dwyer
Site Foremen: Steven Valentine-Greer, Joe Ramit and Matthew Benny
Project Managers:  Oli Antoni and Anthony Laird
Contract Administrator:  Gideon Tamian
Cadets:  Steven Wasa and Joshua Frank

The Touagubahill project, for Numbawan Super Ltd , is due for completion early October of this year.  We have a total of 144 workers currently allocated to this project to ensure it is finished within 77 weeks.

The project, which commenced works on May 5, 2015 is valued at PGK 27 million and comprises an eight level apartment block.  The building will contain 11 2 bedroom units and a large penthouse.  The lower levels include entertainment areas and a gym.

To date, the roof structure and roof sheeting has been finalised, Level 7 carpark slab has been completed, windows have been installed, the installation of external bulstrades has commenced, paint and render is 80% complete, the bespoke joinery has arrived and installation has commenced in units 1, 2, and 3, and tiling is 80% complete throughout.

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